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Whirled Famous

Whirled Famous

Give it a whirl in your glass and let the typical aromas of lychees, rose petals and a hint of ginger captivate your senses. Of course, we are  talking about Gewürztraminer. The highly-acclaimed Darting Estate is situated in the middle of Germany’s temperate Pfalz growing region, in the country’s south-west corner. Located in Bad Dürkheim, the town is also the home of the world’s largest wine festival. Curiously called the Sausage Market, referring to the copious quantities of sausage and wine consumed, is held on the 2nd and 3rd weekends of September. The gently rolling hills are home to not just grapes but also almonds, figs, dates and lemons. This wine comes from the Nonnengarten single vineyard site. INSIDER TIP: the longer the name of the wine in German, generally speaking, the higher the quality. Use Google translate, and if the name has any religious connection, i.e. Nonnengarten, the nun’s garden, this means it will be a superior site. Why? The church in the Middle Ages was a major land owner and picked the best sites for itself. All vineyard sites in Germany are registered and even if the church’s vineyards were sold off or re-distributed, the name remained the same, as did the quality of the sites. Enough history. The richness on the palate, the spiciness and off-dry taste scream “Asian pairings, please!”   

2020 Darting Dürkheimer Nonnengarten Gewürztraminer Kabinett #944181, $19.95.

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